Classes Offered

We offer Chinese classes at different levels. This semester we're introducing a new class - Conversational Chinese for Beginners.

Conversational Chinese classes aim at improving students’ Chinese language skills as well as knowledge about Chinese culture and customs. The curriculum is designed for students with cultural backgrounds other than Chinese. Students of all levels can enter the program. High English proficiency is required.

The teaching language is Chinese assisted with English. Major teaching techniques include word-pictures, simulation, role-playing and personal instruction. Students are expected to perform everyday conversation in Chinese upon successful completion of the classes.

The instructor holds a Master's degree in Education and is an aspiring Ed.D (Doctor of Education) student of WVU. She has a lot of experiences in teaching both Chinese and English as the second language.

Currently Conversational Chinese for Beginners is open for registration. There are four levels: Conversational Chinese 101, 102, 103, 104. If you want to sign up, please fill out the registration form. Class meets at 1-3pm on the following Sundays:

2017-01-15, 2017-01-22, 2017-01-29, 2017-02-05, 2017-02-12, 2017-02-19, 2017-02-26, 2017-03-12, 2017-03-19, 2017-03-26, 2017-04-02, 2017-04-09, 2017-04-23, 2017-04-30, 2017-05-07,

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