About Us

Morgantown Chinese School (MCS) is a self-supporting, non-profit parent cooperative where parents help each other giving Chinese language lessons to school aged children. Its purpose is to enhance the education of the Chinese language and culture for overseas Chinese. The school has no political or religious affiliations. Through its years of existence, the primary goal has been to raise the awareness of overseas Chinese of their ancestral roots. The volunteer school administrators and teachers have always strived to plant the seeds of the Chinese culture in our hearts by offering quality Chinese education.

Morgantown Chinese School was established in 1998, students represent almost all ethnic groups with a majority being Chinese. While English is the most widely used language globally, Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. Between these two languages lies an enormous gap that separates western and eastern cultures and forms a daunting barrier for communications and understanding. It is this gap that we seek to help bridge.

Morgantown ChineseSchool offers basic entry level Classes for kids older than 4 of different ages, language backgrounds, ethnic groups, and learning objectives. Our curriculum is aligned to US main stream school system by teaching Mandarin and pin-yin, simplified Chinese characters.

All classes are held every Sunday afternoon at WVU classrooms. Please contact the instructor for location details.

The school belongs to all MCS families. Our mission is to promote cultural diversity awareness and appreciation, to preserve Chinese cultural and heritage, to contribute to and support our community by offering high quality instructions in Chinese language and culture.