Welcome to Morgantown Chinese School!

Morgantown Chinese School (MCS) is a self-supporting, non-profit parent cooperative where parents help each other giving Chinese language lessons to school aged children. Its purpose is to enhance the education of the Chinese language and culture for overseas Chinese. The school has no political or religious affiliations. Through its years of existence, the primary goal has been to raise the awareness of overseas Chinese of their ancestral roots. The volunteer school administrators and teachers have always strived to plant the seeds of the Chinese culture in our hearts by offering quality Chinese education.

If you read Chinese, please click here to visit the Chinese version of the website.

Morgantown Chinese School is Now Open to Community at Large

Morgantown Chinese School has recently launched a Chinese as a Second Language program. This program aims at improving students’ Chinese language skills as well as knowledge about Chinese culture and custom. Students of all backgrounds and all ages can enter the program. High English proficiency is required.

Six students are the minimum for a class, eight is the maximum. The instructors of CSL class hold Doctoral degree or Master’s degree in Education or Language Teaching. They also have rich experiences in teaching American students.

For more information, please contact Celia through hushi@mix.wvu.edu.

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